Business Continuity


Back up, back up, back up – we can’t say it often enough.

Last month we looked at why a Cloud First strategy is the best way to make sure your data is stored securely and is easily accessible. The last link in the chain to effective cloud computing is backing up regularly. In even a small business documents are created, modified, and removed daily so having the […]
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IT Outsourcing Sheffield

Controlling Business Risk with IT Outsourcing

In our last blog we looked at just some of the benefits of outsourcing your IT. There are other longer term benefits of working with a managed services provider. Every business should have a strategy for controlling risks to the business and recovering from a disaster. That may be a flood or fire in your […]
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Introducing Commstec IT and our “Why”.

Introducing Commstec IT and our “Why”. I bought my first Personal Computer back in 1998, and within a year I had upgraded nearly every major component within it, probably voiding any warranty I had with PC World in the process. I quickly became fascinated with how computers worked and what made them tick, to then […]
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