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IT Consultancy


Are you facing challenges with your technology, information systems, or digital infrastructure?

We understand that your challenges will be unique to your business and that’s exactly why our IT Consultancy service is tailored to each individual client.

Challenges requiring IT consultancy

Some of the main scenarios we are asked to assist with include:

IT Strategy / Business Growth / IT Budget Planning​

Our consultants will help you develop a clear IT strategy and technology roadmap, aligned to your business objectives and your IT budget. This is crucial if you are a growing business needing to scale up.

Cyber Security / Disaster Recovery / Compliance and Regulations​

We assess your current security measures, identify any vulnerabilities, and implement robust security protocols for you – to industry-specific regulations and data privacy laws, if required. This can include disaster recovery and business continuity planning to ensure the minimum downtime should the worst happen.

Technology Upgrades / Cloud Migrations / Vendor Selection​

Allow our consultants to recommend technology upgrades and migrations to ensure outdated or unsupported software and hardware don’t lead to inefficiencies, security risks, and compliance issues.

Network and Infrastructure / Performance Issues​

No more problems with network performance, scalability, or reliability when our IT consultancy service designs and optimises new network solutions for you.


Digital Transformation​

Let us plan and execute the digitisation of your operations, migration to cloud computing, or implementation of IoT solutions.

IT Project Management​

Our IT consultants can project manage your complex IT project ensuring successful implementation within scope, budget, and timescales.


Why choose Commstec IT for your IT Consultancy Services

With our many decades of extensive experience, in both the public and private sectors, we understand how frustrating it can be not to have the right level of IT expertise inhouse.

Let’s face it, most elements of a business depend on IT in some form or another.

We offer you:

Open Communication

Personalised and adaptive solutions

A supportive and trusted partnership

Our consultancy services are designed to solve your IT headaches… saving you time and money and providing you with the confidence in your systems you are looking for.

Talk to us today about our bespoke IT Consultancy Services!

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is designed to help people and businesses achieve more with innovative apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. Not sure where to start? We can help.

Cyber Security

Protect your business operations, data, and employees from cyber-attacks. Commstec IT Services can help design robust security solutions tailored specifically for you, and within your budget

IT Consultancy

Whatever IT issue you are facing, our highly experienced and qualified consultants are here to partner with you – for the long-term.

IT Support

Whatever headaches you have with your IT infrastructure devices, we can ensure that it is resolved promptly… delivering efficiencies, cost savings, and a better experience for all.

IT Strategy

We can help develop your IT strategy to align with your overall business strategy and provide direction for future investments and evolution.

Technology Assessment

After assessing your current technology infrastructure and processes, we can produce a comprehensive report and action plan to allow you to achieve your strategic goals.

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