Managed Firewall Services

Firewalls are a key line of defence against malicious attacks, helping to keep your organisation’s networks safe from potential threats. Commstec provide managed Next-Generation firewall and Intrusion Detection & Prevention services with around the clock monitoring and alerting.

Maximize Your Firewall Investment

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Real-Time Access Prevention

Real-time access prevention prohibits access from unauthorised users or computers to better manage network visibility. We block all unauthorised devices and traffic to lower the risk of a security breach, allowing only trusted users to gain access to your network.

Configuration Monitoring

Firewall configuration changes made by unauthorised or inexperienced users can cause inconsistencies in your firewall devices, making it an easy target for hackers. We take necessary audit measures to manage firewall configurations in order to avoid configuration mishaps.

More than 80% of UK organisations experienced a successful cyber attack in 2021/2022

Change Management

Frequent firewall changes are necessary when it comes to network security. We create a streamlined firewall change management process to cut down management times and reduce the chance of introducing new security or compliance issues with each change.

Log Collection and Retention

With the help of change logs in your firewall, we keep track of the activity on all of your company’s networks and systems. We monitor unusual activity, scan for vulnerabilities, and enhance the network security of your business.

We Manage Your IT Security – So You Can Get On With Managing Your Business

Whether you need a full-scale cloud delivered antivirus solution for your company’s computers and servers, or Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities to transfer data safely from one office to another, we can provide your organisation business-critical computing and IT Security options designed to meet your needs.

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