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Microsoft 365 & Cloud Computing

Is your Office productivity being used to its full potential? Are your devices secure, and access controls correctly configured? Not sure how your 365 tenant is setup? We can help!

Microsoft 365

Our  managed Microsoft 365 offering delivers, optimises and supports your Microsoft 365 products, providing best in class end-user support, tenant management, strategy and adoption advice to help maximise return on your investment. Our approach is tailored to our clients and follows industry standard best practices.



  • Tenant-level administration and service management
  • Incident management, request management and proactive monitoring / reporting
  • Security, compliance, governance and provisioning
  • Accelerated deployment and adoption.
  • Identity and Conditional Access Management
  • Support for Microsoft 365 inc. SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Exchange


We are able to provide training and support for all of the software services we deliver across Microsoft 365, from one workload all the way through to a full end-to-end managed service. Early-life support would be included in each of the solution deliveries which can include general user support, adoption training, ongoing proactive support, and can either be specific to the solution which has been delivered, or the scope can be extended to all of Microsoft 365.


  • Accomplish more faster with a modern collaborative workplace
  • Empower users to use Office 365 securely and with confidence
  • Enable modern efficient remote ways of working across your organisation
  • Deliver faster ROI through a strategic managed service for M365
  • Communicate more effectively with a modern SharePoint Online Intranet
  • Transform behaviors through adoption of Microsoft Teams
  • Manage lifecycle of sites, teams and documents through governed provisioning
  • Intelligent adoption analytics allow a targeted training strategy

AWS Cloud Computing


Another useful cloud computing platform for companies, AWS is run by Amazon. AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers a range of IT services to their customers, such as compute power and database access. 

Again, as this cloud technology is hosting your essential servers, storage and infrastructure services, it is imperative that it’s looked after, maintained and above all, secure. 

Let us show you how to make the most out of AWS, whilst troubleshooting and resolving any potential problems along the way.

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Azure Cloud Computing


Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform, offering over 200 cloud products and services to users. It can be used to look after and store your data, so again, it’s vital that this is kept running smoothly, as it’s doing such an important job. 

We can manage Azure for you to streamline your usage.

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