Back up, back up, back up – we can’t say it often enough.


Last month we looked at why a Cloud First strategy is the best way to make sure your data is stored securely and is easily accessible. The last link in the chain to effective cloud computing is backing up regularly. In even a small business documents are created, modified, and removed daily so having the files stored in the cloud updated consistently is important.

Backing up your files regularly is important for many reasons.

  • Your financial information will change daily, and you need to be on top of the cashflow and profitability in real time.
  • If a company policy or procedure changes, then your team need to be able to access the latest version to enable them to provide the best customer service in line with the standards you have set. Keeping multiple copies on individual PCs leads to confusion and problems for clients.
  • If files are deleted permanently or become corrupt on a single PC, they are gone forever. With a cloud based back up they are retrievable.

We mentioned last month that 2 laptops per day are lost on London Underground alone. Leaving your company’s complete way of doing business lying on a seat could be catastrophic. With data based in the cloud it is the work of a moment to block the laptop’s access.

Taking back-ups of your data is one of the first things that a managed IT provider, like Commstec, will consider when discussing the best options for you. I go into offices and still see post it notes on the office managers notice board saying: “Back up files!!.” The number of exclamation marks afterwards is usually an indication of how long it is since they last took a back up of the system. But at least they recognise the need to carry out back ups and updates. Microsoft 365 offers an excellent to store your data in the cloud.

However, it isn’t the responsibility of Microsoft to keep your data backed up to OneDrive, SharePoint, and emails stored in your system.

Commstec operate Microsoft 365s tenant management system. A tenant is the set of services assigned to your organisation and needs to be configured correctly to ensure that back ups are taken regularly and effectively. We offer managed support for all aspects of Microsoft 365 including your SharePoint, or OneDrive cloud storage solutions. Your data is stored in UK based ISO/PCI DSS compliant datacentres which uses the same 256-bit level of encryption used for credit card and banking transactions, making it virtually unbreakable. This may sound like a lot of technical speak, but with a correctly configured back up your data should be secure and accessible as long as you need it.

Our Cloud First, Enterprise grade backup solutions can take care of not only Windows/Linux servers and workstations, but also entire Microsoft 365 environments. Working through our four-step process to managing your technology, evaluation, solution design, implementation, and monitoring, will give you a clear insight into where the risks lie in your current infrastructure. Commstec’s unique people focused approach means we can work together to build the cost-effective IT system you need for today and the future. Why not book a Business Technology review with us today to start putting in place a plan for your move to a Cloud first strategy.


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