Controlling Business Risk with IT Outsourcing

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In our last blog we looked at just some of the benefits of outsourcing your IT. There are other longer term benefits of working with a managed services provider. Every business should have a strategy for controlling risks to the business and recovering from a disaster. That may be a flood or fire in your office, theft of vital hardware, cyber-attack or any one of a hundred other ways your business could be affected. Helping you understand how your IT infrastructure can be configured to minimise business risk is what Commstec do best.

Security – One of the biggest benefits of outsourced IT services is security protection. Nothing can be more damaging to your business than a Cyber-attack. We are proactive about your cyber security. With around the clock monitoring and reporting you are always up to date on the latest security threats. You don’t have the time to protect your business effectively, but we do because it’s what we do, all day every day.

Storage and Back Up – We will look more at building a cloud computing strategy in our next blog. But for now, storing your vital data off site reduces the risk of something going missing. If you have grown organically the chances are that bits of the information that are critical to managing your business are spread across multiple devices. We can bring your data together into a single place, synchronizing your data so that it is available to everyone and, more importantly, is secure. Scattering data across several laptops, desktops and servers means that if one fails, you lose part of the way you run your business. Building the hardware infrastructure in house to keep it in one place is expensive and extremely time consuming. Commstec work with the latest cloud technologies to store and back up your information, which is highly scalable, so you only pay for what you need now, and can expand as your needs grow.

Troubleshooting – Working flat out on your business means that when a problem arises with your IT you don’t have the time to start hunting down the source of the issue. With Commstec on board to support your IT one phone call will start the process to put you back on track. Rather than your team grouped round a screen making guesses about what the problem is there will be an expert on hand who has the experience and knowledge to offer viable solutions.

We have all seen that last scenario, I’m sure. The IT has been left to someone who “knows a bit about computers”. Supporting your business IT is about more than that. Being offline for any length of time costs sales and customer confidence. Your business technology should work as easily as snapping your fingers; when you need it, with no delays or complications, and with no tech speak to confuse you.

Controlling business risk is a critical part of planning how your IT infrastructure will be managed. Utilising the expertise of a company like Commstec to build the IT infrastructure you need now, and with an eye on the future takes risk out of many aspects of your business. We want to deliver high quality, secure IT services and solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core business goals. It’s why we are in business. Get in touch today to talk about your issues and together we will almost certainly find the solution.


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