Introducing Commstec IT and our “Why”.

Introducing Commstec IT and our “Why”.

I bought my first Personal Computer back in 1998, and within a year I had upgraded nearly every major component within it, probably voiding any warranty I had with PC World in the process. I quickly became fascinated with how computers worked and what made them tick, to then becoming even more interested in how they communicated with each other. This led me into finding out about Cisco Systems, and their career certification programme. This began a journey that would eventually lead me to starting my own business, “Commstec IT” in 2017. All the experience I have built up since the late nineties has given me a clear vision of how I wanted Commstec to help support our clients IT strategies and growth ambitions.

In 2005 I started working for Lynx Technology, building bespoke server and desktop systems to customer specifications. Within a year, I had moved into an Internal Systems role. I was in the right place at the right time, because after a few months my colleague who was managing the network infrastructure and unified communications and contact centre systems, patted me on the shoulder and announced he was leaving. Unified communications covers all aspects of voice, messaging and any other form of communication that is exchanged via a network. I was able to benefit from multiple training courses that allowed me to move into place as the company’s lead for managing, installing and maintaining the core Internal infrastructure systems.

When Lynx merged into BT Engage, I was responsible for the design and upkeep of the internal Cisco infrastructure spanning multiple sites across the whole country. Over the next ten years I progressed through BT and ended up as part of a specialist team that provided network, voice, and security support to BT’s own customers. By 2017 I was looking for a different challenge and decided to set up my own business. Thinking back to my days with Lynx Technology I wanted to take my own business away from the more “corporate” work that BT had focused on and offer businesses with 10-30 or so users the same level of technical expertise and innovation that larger organisations were used to.

Our strapline at Commstec is: “In a world of technology, people make the difference.” We feel it is harder for the large IT providers to offer a service that is relevant to smaller businesses. Commstec IT put customer service first. Making sure that our clients know who is on the end of the phone, and that we understand the business and its requirements is a key part of our service. My partner Louise calls it “bringing the love back to IT.” Providing support that suits our clients with heart as well as technical expertise is what we do. We aim to be a natural extension to our client’s business, ensuring we not only understand their current systems and processes, but also what drives them forward so we can be part of, and celebrate their growth & success.

Commstec are focused on providing secure, creative, and effective IT solutions to overcome the challenges faced by businesses. We tailor those solutions to individual clients, ensuring the highest level of security is maintained, at an affordable cost to the client. We want to understand what you need from our managed IT services. Visit our website to book a free discovery call and tell me about your IT issues and ambitions.

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