Why you need an independent IT consultant.

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Why You Need An Independent Consultant

Claude Lévi-Strauss, a scientist, not the jeans company, said: “An expert knows all the answers – if you ask the right questions”. And this is never truer than when thinking about how to approach your company’s IT infrastructure. As you expand beyond a few laptops, desktops and  printers, and perhaps begin to look at that larger office space, your focus needs to remain on the day to day running of the business. This is where an independent IT consultant can help you learn which are the right questions and help to provide the answers.

Most business owners are a specialist in their chosen field and are very passionate, about what they do. When I talk to other business owners, they tell me that their biggest frustrations are with all the usual things that go with running a business, and at top of the list are sales & marketing, accounts, and…. IT. Often one of the first things that a business does is get an accountant, because they know they aren’t experts in the most efficient ways of managing their tax, VAT, and cash flow. They don’t know the right questions, let alone the answers.

If your cash flow fails then so will your business, and if your IT fails, the implications can be just as critical. So outsourcing to an independent IT consultant should be high on the list of experts you bring into the business at an early stage. 

Imagine the benefits of not struggling with your IT alone?

Specialisation:   In 2024 I will have worked in the IT industry for 20 years. I’ve supported clients in every aspect of their IT infrastructure planning, procuring, upgrading, and maintaining, and on-going management activities. This experience has given me the ability to quickly diagnose technical issues, provide solutions, and to advise clients on where IT budgets are best spent for the year ahead.

Expertise: With new technologies appearing all the time, how do you know what is right for your business? What do you need your IT system to do for you? A consultant can help you decide what will work and why, make sure everything is compatible, and ensure the chosen solution is right for your unique way of doing business.

Security: By making sure you have the processes in place to keep security and backups up to date you reduce the potential for IT to be a business risk factor. Every business needs a disaster recovery plan, and I can help you formulate the IT component of that.

Cost effectiveness: By planning now for the future you can save money in the long term. By having advice and support on call when you need it, you will have a cost-effective way to manage your IT infrastructure now.

One of the key advantages of working with an independent IT consultant, like Commstec, is our ability to offer unbiased advice. We do not have any vested interests or preconceived ideas about which products and services to propose to you. While we are Cisco Certified Partners due to our hands-on experience and confidence in (most) of the technologies reliability, Commstec approach each project with objectivity and a fresh perspective, enabling us to identify inefficiencies, and recommend improvements based on your unique requirements. Our independence is what helps businesses like yours make informed decisions that are most suitable for you and  your objectives. Our people focused approach means we can work together to advise you on the most cost-effective IT systems, coupled with the most resource-efficient processes you need for today and for the future. Book your free no-obligation Business Technology review.

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