The Costs of Not Outsourcing your IT Support


There comes a time in every business journey where you have grown to the point that some services simply can’t be managed by you or one of your team jumping on a problem as it arises. You also have yet to grow to a size that justifies specialist members of staff dedicated to limited roles.

One of the first services to hit that point is often I.T. support. When it is just you and your laptop in the early days of a business you will probably have time to tinker with software updates. As you introduce the first new team members, on boarding them and setting up the IT, the need is usually pretty straightforward. But you will reach a level where doing it yourself simply becomes a burden. If you are moving towards 10+ people using your IT network, then here are some reasons why you should be talking to Commstec about us being your IT support system.

  1. Controlling costs – The costs of managing your IT can grow rapidly as your business expands. By outsourcing your IT support, you will be able to budget for predictable levels of cost. Being able to scale the costs according to your requirements is vital for a growing business. Juggling budgets for marketing, stock, and staff is hard at the best of times. Only paying for the IT you need as you need it frees up funds for other areas of the business.
  2. Lack of expertise – Most smaller businesses can’t justify a full-time team member dedicated to managing the IT. Recruiting someone into the role would be time consuming and expensive. Do you have the skills needed to assess candidates for a specialist IT position? By outsourcing to a professional IT services provider, you will have a team of experts on hand for every eventuality.
  3. Keep up to date – Working with Commstec will make sure that you are in touch with the latest technology from leading providers like Microsoft, Cisco, and AWS. Our partnerships and accreditations mean that you never fall behind, as we are always updating and upgrading your systems to give you an edge over your competitors.
  4. Aging Hardware – Another area of technology that concerns our clients is how to manage their hardware. Aging equipment, problems with hardware and devices, and expiring warranties can all add to the cost of maintaining your IT. We can support you by helping you choose hardware that will drive business growth and adapt to changes in your markets.

When thinking about outsourcing your IT, the words to consider are “predictability” and “budgeting”. The unexpected need to replace failed hardware or renew an expired licence will divert funds and time from your principal activities, and possibly cause downtime preventing you from trading at all.

Next time our blog will focus on some of the aspects of outsourcing your IT support that you may not have thought of. Managing your IT so that it reduces risk, while enhancing business performance and profitability is something that can divert you from why you want to be in business. At Commstec we want to deliver high quality, secure IT services and solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core business goals. It’s why we are in business. Get in touch today to talk about your issues and we will have the solution.


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