Identity & Access Management

An essential element of any zero-trust strategy is securing the wired, wireless, and remote access network systems that your end-users and devices connect to. Commstec’s IAM solution enables you to take a dynamic and automated approach to policy enforcement that simplifies the delivery of highly secure network access control and automates network segmentation, which in turn helps limit the impact of any potential Cyber threat.

Zero Trust: Assume everything & everyone is Malicious until proven otherwise

Identity & access management (IAM) solutions help IT admins securely manage the digital identities of users and devices. 

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Zero Trust Explained

Zero trust is a strategic approach to security that centres on the concept of eliminating trust from an organisation’s network architecture. Trust is neither binary nor permanent. We can no longer assume that internal entities are trustworthy, that they can be directly managed to reduce security risk, or that checking them one time is enough. The zero-trust model of security prompts you to question your assumptions of trust at every access attempt.

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How is a Zero Trust approach different?

Traditional security approaches assume that anything inside the corporate network can be trusted. The reality is that this assumption no longer holds true, thanks to mobility, BYOD (bring your own device), IoT, cloud adoption, increased collaboration, and a focus on business resiliency. A zero-trust model considers all resources to be external and continuously verifies trust before granting only the required level of access.

What are the Benefits?

How will an Identity & Access Management solution help your organisation?

Make the switch to remote work easy and effectively manage the identities of remote users. Enable single sign-on (SSO) for quick, secure access to corporate resources and implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) to strengthen security.

Closely monitor all privileged access pathways to mission-critical assets within your network. Enforce fine-grained access restrictions and request-based approval workflows for privileged accounts.

Ensure stress-free regulatory compliance with complete control over sensitive information and how it’s shared. Build and maintain a strong cybersecurity framework to meet the demands of data privacy regulations.

Adopt Zero Trust to protect your growing network perimeter. Verify every user, employee, contractor, and respective endpoint before establishing trust with behavior-based security analytics. Make informed choices about data, people, devices, workloads, and networks.

Contextually integrate with other components of your IT management infrastructure for a holistic correlation of privileged access data with overall network data to gain meaningful inferences and quicker remedies.

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