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IT as-a-Service: What is it?

At Commstec IT, we like to keep our language jargon and tech speak free as far as we can. One of the most popular ways to describe what we do is “IT as a service, or ITAAS.”

With ITAAS, the emphasis is on helping your business reduce the problems that can be associated with managing IT and communications, especially for the smaller business. Commstec offer IT as a service. In other words, we take the day-to-day management of your IT systems off your shoulders and provide solutions that allow you to focus on the business rather than worrying about how, or if, the systems are in place to allow you to put your products and services in your clients’ hands.

We do this through a four-step programme:

  1. Assessment and Evaluation – We carry out a rigorous examination of your existing IT infrastructure and security. We need to establish the status quo so we can learn what is currently working for you, and also what isn’t.
  2. Solution Design – With a clear understanding of where you are, we can help you move to where you want to be. The solutions we offer will be based on your budget, your current requirements but also with the future in mind. A scalable solution, one which can grow to fit your needs as your business grows is a key part of ITAAS. We are with you for the journey, so we want to make sure that our proposals work for you in the long term.
  3. Implementation – With a solution agreed we procure and configure the technology selected and then support the roll out of it into your business.
  4. Manage and Monitor – The final step is to remotely monitor the health, functionality, and security of your system. We manage any changes as they are needed, support issues as they arise, and review the ongoing suitability of the technology as updates become available.

You may also have heard the phrase software as a service used in connection with some parts of IT provision. Our IT as a service, is much more than that, supporting IT and communications as well as the software you are using. An integrated holistic solution makes for better efficiency, which will be reflected in overall productivity and the business bottom line.

We will look in more detail at some of the other benefits of outsourcing IT in our next blog. Commstec are focused on providing secure, creative, and effective IT solutions to overcome the challenges faced by businesses. We tailor those solutions to individual clients, ensuring the highest level of security is maintained, at an affordable cost to the client. We want to understand what you need from our managed IT services. Visit our website to book a free discovery call and tell me about your IT issues and ambitions.